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Welcome! I know that many lawyers are also “closet historians.” Since we research precedent and past rulings to fortify our legal arguments, write briefs or argue before a court, we are always digging in the past. So, it is only a small leap to the next level, which is a blog dedicated to the judge and lawyers who made those decisions. As a confessed “history-aholic,” I will try to report weekly to you about the people and events that have made our jurisprudence so unique and special. After more than a year of blogging about owning a law firm and the history of the Baltimore County, Maryland, legal community, where my office is located (www.BaltimoreCountySmallandSoloATTY.com), it is time to take this idea nationwide. Please join me on a journey of discovery and history about the legal minds that pioneered the practice that we pursue every day. Welcome!
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